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June 05, 2007


Jean Eilers

Workers at a Catholic Hospital who want to begin to form a union under a process that would be free from intimidation were supported by 1000 community supporters, with several Catholic and other faith leaders prominently lading a peaceful candlelight procession, including a moment of silence. Not a single line appeared in the major print media in this liberal, progressive city of Portland Oregon.

John Dwyer

Sr. Joan's article in today's NCR points out that in media talk shows with political candidates:

The behaviors that matter, it seems, have more to do with personal positions on personal moral issues -- homosexuality, stem cell research, same-sex marriage and abortion -- than actions having to do with the moral dimensions of the public behavior of the nation.

And Ralph Reed may well be correct. Polls tell us that the more frequently people go to church, the more conservative they are on social issues. For those people, apparently, private morality outweighs the social responsibilities emphasized in scripture and demonstrated by Jesus over and over again.

Republican candidates generally have run on issues of private morality. On the other hand, Democrats have built their platforms more on social issues.

Frequently, therefore, the religious character of Democratic candidates is suspect while the religious character of Republican candidates seems to go without question.

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